Affiliations and Cooperation with other entities

The Friends of the Sick and the Elderly in Gozo are affiliated with, and represented on,

  • The National Council for the Elderly
  • The Malta Health Network (founding member),
  • The Gozo NGOs Association (founding member) 

For several years, the FSEG was active together with the Ministry for Gozo, the Parliamentary Secretariat For Rights Of Persons with Disability and Active Ageing, in the provision, monitoring, control, cooking and delivery of the Meals-on-Wheels Service in Gozo, cooperating with other philanthropic societies, constituted bodies, homes for the elderly and the Gozo hospital. Today, the Meals-on-Wheels Service is entirely run by the Department of the Elderly at the Ministry for Gozo (telephone number: 2215 6623).

Finally their active members attend at, and contribute to, seminars and activities relevant to NGOs and the care of the sick & the elderly. (See Recognition)

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