Equipment Loan Conditions

  1. The person requesting the equipment is required to provide evidence of need from a doctor, a nurse, a priest, a Committee member or a trusted person.
  2. The borrower is responsible for the cost of transport, maintenance and repair of the equipment and is required to take good care of it and inform FSEG.
  3. A non-returnable donation is required on delivery and a regular quarterly donation is suggested thereafter, according to a current tariff.
  4. The equipment remains the sole property of the FSEG, is lent to a specified person and cannot be lent or sublet to others.
  5. The FSEG reserves the right to inspect the equipment from time to time at its discretion, and to withdraw it if it is abused, not being used or if any of the conditions are broken.
  6. The borrower is responsible for the return of the equipment in good condition without delay when no longer needed.


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