Our Sponsors


Without sponsorship, fundraising is an onerous task. We thank all our many Sponsors  and Supporters for donating to our causes and events year on year.

Considerable funds are essential for the achievement of certain projects and the “Friends” are very grateful for the generous regular assistance they get from the Ministry for GozoThe English-Speaking Catholic Community (Gozo),  move2Gozo Real EstateSonja Sinclair Stevenson-Lindblad and many other one time benefactors too numerous to name here.


In particular we’d like to give special thanks to


sinclar stevenson logoMs Sonja Sinclair Stevenson-Lindblad for her dedication to raising funds through annual musical concerts. WEBSITE: The Sinclair Stevenson Gallery.


 For consistent yearly financial support 


The Malta Memorial District Nursing Association for generous financial support.

 Website: http://www.mmdna.com 


move2gozo may6 160x80

move2Gozo Real Estate for sponsoring our annual website development and hosting costs, and for supporting our fundraising events. 


Rotary InternationalRotary Club Gozo for a large donation of equipment between 2008 and 2013. 

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