Equipment Procurement / Loan Service Tariffs

  1. Equipment is loaned out at the following rates:
    • Beds, Recliners, Patient Lifters:     €90.00 (Members €75.00) donation and a quarterly donation thereafter
    • Mattresses and Wheelchairs:         €37.00 (Members €30.00) donation and a quarterly donation thereafter
    • Small Medical Aids e.g. crutches:  €20.00 (Members €15.00) donation and a quarterly donation thereafter. 

    [Donations are non-refundable and are to cover expenses, the rates depend on cost of material, transport, depreciation; periodic donations are discretionary retainer contributions]

2.   When the client prefers to buy the equipment outright, the FSEG will either

      a) obtain and deliver the equipment, or

      b) direct the buyer to the selling agents.

[This service is FREE, but a donation would be appreciated.]

3.   In truly deserving cases, the service and the equipment are provided FREE – The FSEG exclusively reserves the right to determine what cases deserving.

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