Special Equipment Service

Equipment Loan Service

The observed high incidence of pressure sores in bed-ridden patients stimulated the FSEG to donate six “Ripple” mattresses to the hospital in 1988. This action had a catalytic effect and the hospital authorities soon supplied a large number of similar mattresses.

The FSEG organisation continues to provide pressure-relieving mattresses (“Ripple” or “Eggshell”) and cushions to bed-ridden or wheelchair-bound persons in their residences. In the past 3 years the equipment loan service has been expanded as stated below. In 2013 the number of loans has doubled and continues to increase year by year. 

Other equipment items (such as electrically adjustable beds, patient hoists, wheelchairs, walking aids, commodes, toilet-seat raisers, etc.) are loaned out and some others are donated. The society procures and delivers them charging only a deposit; however, some people kindly give a donation to the society in addition. Some items are loaned free of charge to anyone who cannot afford to pay anything.

Our store is currently at “Dar il-Fjuri”, 23rd April Street, Victoria.

For more information please phone Equipment Manager Mr Chris Galea on Mob. 79552211


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