“The Friends” have a dedicated number of volunteers who visit the female elderly and psychiatric patients every fortnight in the Sant’ Anna’s Residence in Gozo General Hospital and, at various times, those in the three private Homes for the Elderly run by religious orders.

The group visits the psychiatric patients and male geriatric residents at the hospital annex every week, normally on a Monday; hence we call them “The Monday Friends“.

The visitors in each group converse with the elderly/patients, comfort them and give them small token presents, including toiletries, fruit, soft drinks and useful objects. Institutionally-resident persons who reach the age of 100 are given a large cake by the Freinds, to help them celebrate their special birthday with their relatives and friends.

On the two feast-days at the hospital, our visiting Friends provide special culinary treats and organise parties for the elderly.

For english speaking Expat residents in the hospital, they receive a visit from an English speaking volunteer most weeks but this service very much depends on knowing they are there in the first place. However, there are a couple of Expats who are long term patients who do receive visits.

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